Audio Ahdeo Awdio

Audio Ahdeo Awdio represents the finest electronically created symphonic and popular music.


2013 will see a new AAA EP released on audio cassette via Unskilled Labor in Montreal. Also this year I will be uploading and migrating the entire AAA catalogue to Bandcamp, for my ease and yours.

Audio Ahdeo Awdio is here on: Bandcamp and iTunes and also on your favorite digital music distributor.

Good For What Fails You... - 2010

Audio Ahdeo Awdio - Good For What Fails You...

From the liner notes:

"This, the fifth album from AAA, merges cutting edge aural and gastronomic science to bring you the perfect digestive companion. Crisp tones and new electronic sounds improve your body's natural ability to absorb nutrients while enhancing the dining experience.

You can relax knowing that AAA has your health, and good taste, as a capital priority.

So try a helping of what's "Good For What Fails You" while enjoying your favorite dish and the next time you finish your meal you'll be sighing: "AAA... so good!""

A new essential mineral for your diet. Essential electronic children's funk/fusion.

This album is also available on: iTunes or on your favorite digital music distributor.

Let's Prevent Noise by Ourselves - 2006

Audio Ahdeo Awdio - Let's Prevent Noise by Ourselves

Considered to be the quintessential AAA album: upbeat, calming, inspiring, daunting. Considered to be the landmark AAA album besides the debut. If you buy just one album this year then buy 2 of this.

This album is also available on: iTunes or on your favorite digital music distributor.

Nine Lives - 2006

Audio Ahdeo Awdio - Nine Lives

A eulogy created in sound. Allow your house cat to enjoy the type of auditory experience that contains all of the drama, sophistication and intrigue of your favorite biography.

This album has been featured by numerous pet columns.

Ready When You Are - 2006

Audio Ahdeo Awdio - Ready When You Are

The second Audio Ahdeo Awdio album, resplendent with the full stereo sound of multi-tracked digital recording techniques and electronic instruments. Full of growing pains.

CD-R versions are also available upon request. email: hello[at]chrisvonszombathy[dot]com

1 minute preview MP3's provided are for assessment/enjoyment.

  1. Apocalypse Frey
  2. Ghost Party
  3. Ladies Please
  4. Go Dog Go
  5. Birdwatching Music
  6. On a Boat
  7. Shrink Trains
  8. Putting on the Pow
  9. Nautical Dance/Burial at Sea
  10. Gameplant
  11. Beats Per Minutiae
  12. Asparagus Pop

Audio Ahdeo Awdio - 2001

Audio Ahdeo Awdio - Audio Ahdeo Awdio

This album is the original and definitive article. The original 200 cassette copies of this one-track recording has been presented on independent radio stations in North America, Europe and Australia and bootlegged since its creation in the year 2001.

This item is currently out of stock. CD versions pending.

Preview MP3's provided are for purchasing assessment/enjoyment.

Side One

  1. Emma's in Switzerland
  2. Underwater in 1982 with Members of British Parliament, circa 1600
  3. It's Warm in Here at 1am
  4. Prof. Stephan Hawking Argues with Kraftwerk About Wine
  5. Sea Cabin

Side Two

  1. Cosmonaut Dog Smiles, Meanwhile, JFK Reams out NASA
  2. Cat Sings Jazz, Plays Percussion
  3. How Dave Felt That Day
  4. The Oldest Tree in Your Apartment
  5. Computers Would Never Dance with a Stripper